A lifetime of dedication lies behind the debut video by Jimi Kara. Jimi has amply “paid his dues” with his life of playing the guitar. He adopted the guitar as his best friend and companion a long time ago. Born in New Zealand, to a Maori mother and a Scottish father, Jimi stands six feet six inches tall and he is blessed with magic fingers which coax such sweet sounds and sustain so much emotion. He towers above many other players.

Jimi first picked up the guitar aged only ten having been completely amazed watching Jimi Hendrix playing at Monterey live on TV.

Jimi’s musical journey in New Zealand took place in its rich landscape. He focussed on this deep interest and played guitar every day. Exploring music from across many genres, he blends his love of Jazz – John McLaughlin and Al Dimeola with Van Halen and Stevie Vai, Jimi Hendrix (of course) and Joe Satriani amongst many.

Another big influence is Django Reinhardt. He interprets and takes the very best from every style of music, from finger picking country, through jazz, the blues and slide. Jimi borrows freely from across the many genres of music.

From Flamenco to Jazz, Blues to Rock, with more than a nod to the influence of country, as well as jazz and soul. He also plays slide guitar par excellence.

Jimi has earned recognition and praise from fellow musicians such as...

"One of the most prolific guitarists I have ever seen"
Joe Satriani

"Jimi Hendrix reincarnated"
Vernon Reid, the founder of Living Colour

"Rarely have I met a musician with such a deep love of music and breadth of skills"
Dan Silver, manager.

All enquiries please contact Jimi's exclusive manager:
Dan Silver: dan@vathq.co.uk.