Jimi Kara is a mountain of a man. Hewn from rock with his Scots father’s genes and his NZ mother. They bred him as a Maori warrior blessed with guitar skills as his weapon of choice with playing skills that tower above you and will astonish.

With his voice he tells his stories casting a spell of emotions that will transport you into a different world. When he sings his voices will whisper to your inner ears and bring you something of his Scots / Maori heritage. On guitar he plays his own invention of Puki Tapu blues (Sacred Spirit blues) and his spirit is going to move you to a better place with his tight vibrant playing and evocative voice.

In his own words : "I may not have been brought up in the cotton picking Mississippi. But as a Maori man born and raised in New Zealand isolated from the rest of the world and fighting for every crust of bread trying to survive, I got the blues deep in me and I got stories to tell, as well as pushing the evolution of the guitar, my singing and song-writing".

Listen to "Going to Fly":

Jimi Kara is called all sorts of things at his gigs,

a Maori gypsy,

the white Hendrix,

a musical genius,

part man/part guitar,

a mystic playing straight from his soul.

Joe Satriani said : "One of the most prolific young players I’ve ever seen", One thing is for sure - the man can play

Teaming up for his debut UK release with Nick Reynolds on harmonica - the charismatic harmonica player from Alabama 3 – and with a blues based summer released 4 track EP with a mix of covers and original songs . VAT are booking an Autumn tour of the UK and Europe in September.

Booking Enquiries
All booking enquiries to Dan Silver: dan@vathq.co.uk.