The Third Dimension Spectacle from Silent Disco is a brand new spatial environment spectacle. Silent Disco’s original concept has been emulated but never bettered. Now thanks to new technology lighting controls, a 3D soundtrack is fully integrated with LED lighting located which is located on tall central ”pods” and LED systems in headsets.

The unique lighting control chases and spreads with the 3D sound movement and is diversified throughout the audience syncing the lighting pulses with the soundtrack.

With a centrally located stage and multiple lighting pods, coupled with changing colours and controllable LEDs in each headset produces a spectacle never seen before. Wherever you are in the room you have a perspective that keeps you close to the action and linked to the sound movement.

The Third Dimension Spectacle will debut this summer at quality Festival events. Please see the computer generated promo below.

Silent Disco also have developed new highest quality transmitters to ensure that their Silent Disco offer is to the highest possible technical standard, truly head and shoulders above any copies. From 1,000 to 5,000 plus capacities the highest quality possible sound is available only from Silent Disco. Use this for live shows in challenging sound environments and take advantage of the new technology offer from Silent Disco

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