Purley Place

Dan Silver announces his retirement during early November 2023.

Value Added Talent Agency will now be closed to new business and the Purley Place office fully vacated, on 16 November 2023.

All existing contracts will be respected.

Value Added Talent was formed in 1983 after Dan had earned his trade working in other major Agencies. When he was told he was "far too principled to be a successful Agent" he has forged his own path in the live music industry, trading over the past 40 years as principal Agent at Value Added Talent. On his journey he has advanced many careers. Highlights include

  • Representing Vince Clarke in 3 different bands – Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure,
  • Finding and promoting the Skids, Joe Jackson, Gang of Four, Au Pairs and a host of other bands
  • Introducing Sade to a national UK tour in 1983,
  • Managing John Cale's career for many successful album releases and tours over almost ten years.
  • Representing Depeche Mode from day one to selling out major arenas in Europe and Pasadena Rose Bowl in California.

Other successes include

  • Reviving Sparks career, culminating in 2008 when the band played for 21 nights in London, performing a different one of their 21 albums each night.
  • Thirty years of successful touring and Festival headlining with Orbital – who Dan got to reform not just once but twice !
  • Introducing the music industry to the curious world of Silent Disco, which Dan first placed on major Festivals from 2005 onwards.
  • All existing contracts will be respected post-retirement.

"The increasingly corporate nature of the current industry is not at all to my liking. Covid-19 gave me a respite to re-evaluate and re calibrate. With my retirement, we are selling our office building, our home for the past 35 years.

This moment marks my retirement from my long and valued career as live Agent which I celebrate. In what will be a departure from Value Added Talent, I will still be available for consultancy advice and Artist support in the music industry. "

www.vathq.co.uk is now a legacy site, vat@vathq.co.uk will no longer be replied to, and phone lines are ceased too. I will retain for my personal use my mailbox dan@vathq.co.uk.

"Thank you to the many Artists, managers and the thousands of promoters we have enjoyed working with, and thanks to the many record labels, pluggers, PR, tour managers and highly skilled creatives with whom we have organised countless great events. To the bands fans, it has been my pleasure to connect you in live concerts with the Artist you love".

Dan Silver Value Added Talent no more November 2023